Mobile2020 has ended

Our project "More biking in small and medium sized towns of Central and Eastern Europe by 2020" (mobile2020) has ended. Read about our approach and achievements in our brochures "gaining momentum" and "keeping balance" or dive deeper into utility cycling with the mobile2020 handbook



Within the framework of mobile2020, a comprehensive handbook on cycling planning for municipalities has been developed by the project partners ISOE and University of Technology, Hamburg. It was translated to all languages of our target countries and is available (pdf) for download here :



With this brochure “Cycling in liveable cities” we want to provide some help and inspiration to professionals who deal with cycling at municipalities: urban planners, committee and council members, but also to other interested parties who think about cycling as a daily mode of transportation. 

The basis of our explanation is that the decision of people to use the bicycle as an everyday means of transport is not just influenced by infrastructure alone. Therefore we reflect on importance of cycling for individual use and benefits for the city, and integration of cycling into urban planning. To encourage the practical implementation activities for cycling at municipalities we discuss briefly on how to start, on offering services for cycling and on bike promotion activities. 

Throughout the pages of this brochure we will guide you to sources for further reading on best practice examples for implementation. In the printed inlet pages you will find information on relevant stakeholder organizations to promote cycling in your country.

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Report on Capacity Development Seminars

Tomas Hefter, Jutta Deffner (Institute for Social Ecological Research ISOE GmbH) 
Christian Rudolph, Torben Ziel (Hamburg University of Technology)
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Supplement: Collection of interactive methods, exercises and presentation formats for capacity development seminars 

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Annex: Collection of capacity development building presentations

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Diffusion of sustainable cycling expertise among local planners and decision-makers

This report contains a summarized country-by-country overview of educational and informational seminar activities undertaken to spread expertise on sustainable cycling among municipal decision-makers, planners and other cycling practitioners across the 11 CEE countries. 

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Conclusions and recommendations for sustainable cycling in Central and Eastern Europe

Reflections from national seminars
Irena Brnada (Regional Environmental Center Croatia) 

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STUDY VISIT: Integration of cycling into municipal policies – Best practices from Netherlands and Germany

Petra Brandelek, Irena Brnada (Regional Environmental Center Croatia) 

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Co-funded by the Intelligent Energy Europe Programme of the European Union